Cast Feed Validator

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About Cast Feed Validator

What We Do.

CastFeedValidator helps you validate and visualize your podcast feed. This visualization helps you find where problems are occurring if something goes wrong with your podcast. There can be several layers between your post and an episode showing up in a particular player. With CastFeedValidator, you can see and verify that the invisible part of the system (the feed) is working.

For example, if your feed is passed through FeedBurner from the source and an episode is not showing up who's problem is it? FeedBurner or the feed source? With CastFeedValidator, you can check which one may be causing the problem. You can check the source of the feed and see if everything is okay there. If that is okay, then you can make sure the FeedBurner feed is okay. If that checks out then, it's probably the player that is having the issue. Many times you will find and fix a problem with the original feed and then everything starts to work.

Apple Podcast Connect Is Not a Validator

Many people think that if a feed gets included into Apple Podcasts then the feed is good. That is just not the case. The folks at Apple have spent years trying to enable Apple Podcasts to read any poorly formatted feed that is given to them. They don't want to spend time trying to communicate with the feed creator to fix problems. They would much rather try and find a way to read most anything that is given to them.

It's in your best interest to create a valid feed that can be read by the current set of podcasting apps to ensure your show and all your episodes are included. Also you never know when some new app or service will take off and make podcasts even more popular and you need to be sure your that your feed can be included in this next wave. They surely won't have time to contact folks who's feed they are unable to read for some reason. These shows will just be ignored.

Getting Featured in Apple Podcasts

'Featured' podcasts are selected by Apple. Check their help page to see their requirements. Our service will help you ensure that your feed meets the requirements to ensure you're not excluded from consideration.